If you came to check us out (thank you!), walked by the (now shut) cafe, or are just a regular who’s wondering what’s up-

We’ll be gone for a little, but we will be back soon (in 2019 to be slightly more specific). Until then, follow @proteinicafe on Instagram, and for behind-the-scenes updates, join our mailing list. (No spam, just ham and other delicious goods).

For email, love notes or cafe conspiracy theories, email megan@proteini.com.au.

See you soon.


Looking for Proteini cafe? We’re here (well—sort of).


The bad news is: your favourite cafe (Proteini) is now closed.
The good news is: it’s not forever. We’re currently working on something nourishing and new and still very much us – you might be thinking, GIVE US THE DETAILS GOD DAMN IT! And while we wish we could, we’ve been sworn to a secret code whereby…ok so the truth is it’s not ready yet, but full details will be revealed early next year (2019, for those reading from the future).

In the meantime, you can find us (+ hints on what’s to come) here.

The Full Story

You’ll notice things are a little different to usual. We’ve closed the cafe doors, but rest assured something full of foodie thrills is coming.

We love making food.

We love our customers.

But things have changed since we first opened our doors. People got busier, eating healthy got harder, parking, traffic and your boss (how dare they) kept us apart.

We started to think, funk this, there must be an easier way.

So we’re changing.

We’re cooking up, and growing up.

We can tell you the next phase of Proteini is going to give you more variety and access to good, healthy food with none of the boring stuff.

Think of it as, Proteini 2.0- we’re an adult now, we’ve got responsibilities (to you) and people to please (also you).

The rest is pretty secret.

So until then, BRB, Cheerio ole chap, adios, so long my friend.

AKA, we love you, and we’ll be back.

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